About Me

Hello my friend. I am called MD kennedy. I am 33 years old from Cameroon. I am a Teleommuniatione engineer but i am passionate about health and fitness, spirituality and personal success.

I created this website after the success of my Tiktok account where i share spells and ritual for your personal success and happyness.

I believe our fore fathers knew better than what the white man that came during the colonial era. Our fore father had rituals that they perfomed for several instances and occasions and that is why i created this website to share my knowlege on that,

Take note that what i will be sharing with you here is not wicthraft nor Juju. These are natural home remedies for your happiness

All tips mentioned here are strictly informative. My website does not provide medical advice.

Please always Consult your doctor or health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments i wrote on this website.

I want to keep this website as userfriendly as possible by not including ads. Meaning i am not making any money from this website. If you want to support me, please contact me or send gifts on tiktok.

If you have any problem, please wite me on my email at mdrituals@gmail.com and i will be there to guide you

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