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Bay leaves in the closet: what happens to your clothes and shoes in a few minutes? It’s time to pick them fresh

Bay leaves in the closet: what happens to your clothes and shoes in a few minutes? Everyone knows bay leaves. It is one of the most used spices in cooking. Bay leaf is a popular remedy Bay leaf is one of the most used spices in the world, very aromatic and very rich in essential oils. There is hardly anyone who does not use at least one of their delicious treats – stews, soups, casseroles or for hot marinades. They are also well known for their qualities in medicine and cosmetics. However, in addition to flavoring dishes and rejuvenating us, a bay leaf can also be used to make our daily lives easier.

They are a true miracle not to be believed

But what is happening?

First, they will spread their scent throughout your wardrobe. Be careful how much you put them in to be able to tolerate a very strong smell. At first, experiment with two or three.

The perfect scent

Be sure that if you scatter a few leaves, the musty smell will go away right away. You can put them in bags, or even in the pockets of clothes, as well as scatter them in the corners of the wardrobe.

They absorb moisture

Bay leaves really have a great absorption capacity. But if the humidity in your cabinet is above normal, you can combine them with salt or baking soda. All you need is a shallow dish of salt or baking soda. Just put it in the container and you will see that it absorbs a lot of moisture in a few days. When you notice that the salt/baking soda is too wet or black, it’s time to change it.

You should also change the bay leaves once a month.

The moths will leave

Always ready to enjoy a new coat or enjoy a rug in the bedroom, they don’t like the scent of bay leaves. Therefore, to get rid of voracious unwanted guests.

You can use dried or fresh leaves 

For greater effectiveness, it is necessary to place the bay leaf in places of possible expulsion of moths – in wardrobes with outerwear, upholstered furniture

You can it inside the sofa and under the carpet

To freshen the air in the shoe closet

In the same way as for the clothes cupboard, you can slip a few bay leaves in there. The effect will be the same, since they absorb all humidity and bad odors.

Bad smells will go away

To get rid of the food moth, it is necessary to place branches of the spice in the kitchen cabinets where food is stored. If you put a bay leaf in each bowl of cereal and flour.

You can be sure that the food moth will not reach them

November is the month to dry bay leaves

The most favorable time to harvest the leaves is in November, because the concentration of aromas and essential oils is the richest. The plant is a shrub or tree that can grow to a large size to be sown in the garden rather than in a pot. The leaves of fragrant bay are firm, dark green and shiny.

They should not be eaten fresh, but dried.

To harvest a bay leaf, it is best to choose a shrub or tree that is at least two years old. Cut only larger, healthy-looking leaves without blemishes. You can also tear off whole branches and the difference in subsequent drying will not be great.

It is good to rinse them with water before drying them 

If you want to dry them, spread them out on a clean, dry surface. The room should be ventilated, cool and protected from direct sunlight. If it is completely blackened, even better, so the aromas and qualities of the herb are preserved even more intensely. Drying a bay leaf takes 2 weeks, and two or three times during this time they are turned over to dry evenly.

They are ready when they lose their vibrant green color

When they turn pale green or brownish, check that all the bay leaves are dry and brittle, and if they have stems, break them off. When drying whole twigs, the process time is the same. But in this case, make them twigs in bundles of 4-5.

Leave them hanging again in a dark, airy room

There are also quicker options for drying the aromatic spice and these are done in a simple oven at a low temperature which does not exceed 43°C, as the bay leaf would lose much of its unique aroma. About an hour and a half to two hours of drying in the oven (perhaps with the door open) will make the leaves dry and brittle, but then you will need to let them cool completely.

The rule says they have to be at a distance from each other

After drying the bay leaves, store them in a cool, dark place in an airtight container or tightly closed plastic bag. Up to 1 year, this spice retains its strong aromatic properties, but even after that it is still usable, although it is no longer as strong.