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Here’s how to fold a bill to attract money

Do you know how to fold a dollar bill to attract money? If you are wondering how to attract and save money using magic, then you are on the right path to wealth, you just need to make the right choice among the variety of money magic.

There are many talismans for attracting and saving money. And many people have been using money talismans for a long time and, thanks to them, do not know what a lack of money is. Therefore, now we will introduce you to the most effective talisman for preserving and exaggerating your money.

According to a number of researchers, the 1 dollar bill is all spotted with magical signs, is a money magnet and remarkably attracts money.

If you fold 1 dollar correctly and put such a talisman in your wallet, then the wallet will attract money to itself.

Why fold a bill to attract money?

Since ancient times, the dollar bill has contained magical powers. This can be proven by looking at the magic signs depicted on a piece of paper:

Eagle, 2 repeated numbers 13, numbers 32 and 33 inlaid in the wings of the eagle, some magical inscriptions. Thus, the owner of the amulet will have more profit.

The owner will be more likely to be in the right place at the right time; he will be offered a well-paid job or he will be lucky in the lottery. It is also possible that those who borrowed the money will return it soon.

Career growth will begin and for businessmen, their business will prosper.

Or, for example, the dream of buying a car will become closer. In general, a lot of positive things can happen in life regarding money.

How to fold a bill to attract money?

To ensure that the talisman works properly, you must place it on the waxing moon.

First, fold the dollar bill in half lengthwise back and forth, then unfold it to form a line. It will help in the future.

The piece of paper should be positioned with the portrait of George Washington facing up. The upper left corner should be off so that the top of the corner is right on the line formed as a result of the crease in the middle.

Now you need to place the bill with the left side towards you. Fold the bill along the line diverted in the previous step so that the bottom base coincides with the top base. So you need to make two complete folds.

You need to make sure that the pyramid is on the front side (it’s good if it is slightly offset to the side). The remaining piece of paper should be folded and folded inward so that it sits between the two walls. Now you need to iron out all the folds and the talisman is ready.

How to use the folded bill to attract money?

The finished triangle should be placed in the back part of the wallet so that the pyramid on one side looks directly at the owner.

Only then will the talisman work. You don’t need to take it out, it should always be in your wallet. Now the income will increase and more money will appear in the wallet.

Also, no one should be able to see the hidden triangle.

There are other signs that help attract money:

You don’t need to have change in your pocket. It must be stored, like other bills, in a wallet, in a small section.
You must accept the tickets with your left hand and give them with your right. In addition, serving them unfolded is not the best solution… You must first fold them and give them ends.
You should not keep money upside down in your wallet – this is a bad omen.

There is no need to spend money the first day you receive it.


People who made such a talisman speak positively about it. They say their wallets really started to fill up with money following good deals or career advancement. However, whether to believe it or not is everyone’s business.

Of course, you don’t have to rely entirely on this amulet. The money won’t just appear. In any case, you have to work hard to earn a certain fortune. The amulet will only bring more luck and things will become more successful.