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How to consume dates fruits to lose weight

No, dates do not make you gain weight. Who would have believed it ? The benefits of dates for weight loss are numerous. We will see through this article that eating a certain quantity of dates will help you lose weight.

Diet and exercise are an inevitable part of a weight loss journey. Miss either one and you are not going to achieve your desired weight loss goal.

But you need to be very careful about what you eat when trying to lose those extra pounds. Indeed, foods must be nutritious, high in fiber and low in calories and dates are excellent fruits that fall into this category.

This sweet fruit has many health benefits and weight loss is one of them. The fruit helps eliminate toxins from the body, regulate blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation.

The benefits of dates for weight loss

The nutritional value of the date. 16 benefits of eating dates for women’s health

  • Carbohydrates: 44% to 88%
  • Dietary fiber: 6.4% to 11.5%
  • Protein: 2.3% to 5.6%
  • Fats: 0.2% -0.5%
  • It also contains iron, magnesium, copper, calcium, sodium and essential vitamins.

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How dates help with weight loss?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, dates do not make you gain weight; on the contrary, they have several attributes that make them a favorite food for weight loss.

High fiber content: Foods high in fiber like dates slow down the absorption process in the large intestine, making you feel fuller for longer. Fiber also helps in the production of short-chain fatty acids in the intestine, which aids in the digestion process and ultimately boosts metabolism.

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids: not all fats are bad for your health. The unsaturated fatty acids present in dates help reduce inflammation, which occurs due to various reasons such as injuries, swelling, consumption of unhealthy foods.

Excellent source of protein: When you are trying to lose pounds, you need to eat a good amount of protein, and this amount is present in dates. Protein can help you build and repair your muscles.

Satisfies the sweet tooth: The biggest challenge when dieting is controlling your intake of sugary products. Date will not only curb your craving for something sweet but will also prevent you from consuming unhealthy foods.

How many dates to consume to lose weight?

Even consuming dates does not make you gain weight, you should know that dates can help you lose weight only if you consume them in moderation.

Too much of anything can lead to weight gain. Take 4 to 6 dates daily to satiate your sweet tooth and keep your hunger at bay.

Here’s how to benefit from the benefits of dates for weight loss:

Prepare them and eat them with other nuts and dried fruits to get the maximum benefits.
Add chopped dates to a fruit salad or dessert to enjoy their flavor.
One of the most popular ways to use it is to add it to a glass of hot milk. In fact, milk and dates are known to promote weight loss.

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What are the health benefits of dates?

It Helps strengthen immunity

Eating dates can help boost your immunity as they are a good source of iron, which is essential for blood production. They are also loaded with vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and protein.

It protects against allergies

Dates contain organic sulfur which not only helps reduce allergic reactions but also protects you from falling prey to seasonal allergies.

It prevents Constipation

Dates are rich in fiber, which promotes intestinal transit. If you are suffering from constipation, drink a cup of milk with mashed dates and banana to get relief within an hour or two.

It does not have trans fats

When you eat dates as a snack, you are not adding to the trans fats that are already present in your body. Which is great, because by reducing the amount of trans fat in your body, you’ll reduce your chances of gaining weight and putting your health at risk.

It keeps you energetic

Dates can provide you with instant energy as they contain good amounts of glucose, fructose and sucrose. They can keep you energetic for a good hour. So if you feel lethargic or there is a drop in your blood sugar, take 2 to 4 dates.

It protects the heart

Dates contain many different minerals that help lower LDL cholesterol levels, making them ideal heart protectants.

It improves circulation

The iron and sodium in dates help balance fluids in the body. This, in turn, helps improve circulation, which is important for losing weight and improving health.

So, you see, by consuming dates you will not only lose weight but also protect your body from various diseases. Awesome. But how to choose the best dates on the market and how to consume them? Here are a few tips.

Tips for buying and consuming dates

Avoid broken or shiny dates.
They shouldn’t smell bad.
Check the expiration date before buying a pack of dates at the supermarket.
Wash them thoroughly in water to remove any dirt or bacteria.
Store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
Consume 4 to 6 dates per day to lose weight.

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