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How to Use Cloves to Unblock All Spells Cast Against You

Cloves is a powerful ingredient used in most african and indian cuisine. Here is a ritual with cloves to disconnect from any evil engorgement that blocks your activities, finances and slows down your progress in life.

If in life everything you try to do is failure. Your friendly, romantic and family relationships are always difficult and you are always and always rejected among people.

Even the tricks you see in groups don’t work. And yet you see others doing it and coming to testify. Sometimes you yourself give people tips, but it works with them and not you.

So once again, we deliver to you a powerful ritual that will unblock you, purify and at the same time protect you.

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Clove: Ritual to unblock all spells cast against you

What will we need for this ritual?!

  • Clove
  • Morning urine

How to do ?

Take a handful of cloves, crush them, sift them and put them in a bottle.

Early one morning, without talking to anyone, collect your first morning urine just a little and mix it with the cloves, stir the mixture well so that you have a homogeneous mixture.


Put a few drops in your bath water for your evening bath only.

So in the morning, you can take your shower without worries with soap and everything.
Favorable days for the recipe: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

To say that the bath will be done these three days only with your mixture of cloves and urine without soap or sponge and we do not wipe ourselves.

You can do this twice in two weeks (3 x 3)

This bath cuts all mystical blockages and even those ancestral ones that you were born with.

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