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Ladies, these 8 things will happen to you if you urinate on the ground

According to several native believes , the body of a woman is sacred and she be kept preserved. trees have eyes, and even the ground have ear so what ever you do in public should be kept hidden. In my village, a woman is not supposed to urinate in a public place or she will get a serious infection.

I have collected a number of native believe prohibiting women from sitting and urinated on the floor in public as some bad thing will happen to them. This is because the ground we walk on is sacred and it is the giver of life, From dust we came and from dust we shall return.

Here are 8 shocking that might happen to you is you urinate on the ground on the road

  • Sitting on the road and urinating is a sign of disrespect to woman wood. Doing so, you loose all your value as a respectable woman to the society.
  • If someone sees you as you are urinating on the road they can harvest the grown on which your urine was poored and use it to harm you and cause you barrenness
  • They are many evil spirits moving around and if they notice urine, they can use it to ruin your life even without know you. Urine is a powerful spiritual ingredient, i have written about uses of urine in this website before. you can check it below
  • In my village, urinating on the ground is seen as killing the ground to prevent any crops from growing on that spot. If caught, urinating on the ground can cause you to pay huge fine to the village palace.
  • You dont know who is passing on the road or what have been planted on it. You can find yourself with a spiritual husband and wife when you urinate on the ground. You can start having sex in your dreams all night just because of this one innoncent acte you commited
  • Some ladies out there develop cancer because it was sent to them because of some wicked person. You can sit and urinate on someone’s land which he had earlier warned of the consequences. Just the ground on which the urine where poured is harvested and sent the perpetrated with deadly diseases
  • In some villages in the south, you will start bleading from your vaginaa after urinatoing on the ground on the road. This is considered a taboo for a woman and sit and urinate on the floor in public road.
  • In some other cultures, you might even die in just seven days as it is a sacrilege to destroy the land with your urine


As my grand father use to say, when you urinate on the raid, you should immediatly spit on it. This will killl the potential effect that might happen to you. As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

It better to avoid urinating on the road that being frustrated in future after facing the consequences of your actions. If you want to pee urgently, it better to enter inside the bush if there is no toilet in your surrounding environment

They are many others if you will want u charge them with us please follow our whatsapp channel and share your traditional experience about urinating on the ground