Spells and Rtuals

Mix bayleave and salt and thank me for the miracles

Hello friends, in todays ritual, i want ti share with you this new poserful spell for manisfestaion that works like magic. This spell for manisfestation uses only 2 ingredients, that is sea salt and bay leaves. Just mix salt and bayleaves and thank me later

Before doing this spell you need to be pure in your heart and have hatred for no one, you need to believe in this spell and also love your neiggbor as your self.

Ingredients needed:

  • Sea salt, or cooking salt if you do not have sea salt.
  • Bay leaves
  • one glass of cold water

How to do the ritual

  • You need to have a small bowl
  • One glass of water and put it inside your small bowl
  • You will need to put 5 bay laves and put it inside out small bowl with the water inside
  • After that, you will need to add a tea spoon of sea salt.
  • You will need to cover the small bowl, and warm the water .
  • You can also boil the water untill the color of the water changes. Once the bay leaves has start smelling from the boiling , then you will know that your spell is ready for use.

How to proceed :

Remove the content of the small bowl and poor it inside a glass. Then your spell is ready gto use. You can use this spell before bed time or in the morning when you wake up.

All you need to do now is take the glass and start commanding. Command that your believe and trust will do miracles and wonders in your life. Call your names 5 times and that of your family 5 times.

Before you go to sleep, apply that water on your body. Do no take youtr bath after applying the water. So when applhying the water on your body remember to mention anything you want in your life. If you are looking for a job, mention as i am applyimg this water on my body, i shall get a job in my life and call your names 5 times.

If you want your family member to get well for a sickness, say it loud and poor the water on thier body while mentionning thier name 5 times. If you want money, say i attract money with this water and i shall be rich while mentionning your names 5 times. Any thing you want to attract just mention as the power of the bay leaves and salt will attract that which you want in your life.


You can keep this mixture inside the refregeration for up to 3 days and each timeyou want to use it, just command what you want and put it on your body. You will see how your life will change