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Mix eggs and cloves ~ A secret nobody will never tell you

This is a new spell for manisfestation with eggs and cloves. This is a secret that no one will tell you. Just mix eggs and cloves and see what will happen. This is a real powerfull spell that works like magic.

This kind of spell witll work for you if you believe in it and if you have a pure heart. You have to have confidence in what you are doing for this ritual to work

Ingredients needed :

  • Eggs
  • Cloves : Using fresh cloves for this ritualk
  • Piece of paper. Any colour but make sure plane piece of paper
  • Pen or pencil

How to Proceed :

  • Take your fresh egg. The egg should not be boiled. On the fresh egg, write your name on it.
  • Take a piece of paper and write all your name on it. Full names oin capital letter. Repeat wrutting your name on the paper for 7 times.
  • Take as much cloves as you can and put in it a piece pa paper that you previously wrote your name on it seven times
  • You will need to have a small bowl and put all the ingredietns inside the small bowl as you can see on the image below

That is all your spell is ready to use.

How to use this spell

This spell will work for every one reading this ritual right now. This spell will work for men and women. All you need to do it to hold the bowl upwards and start chanting and commanding what you what happen to you.

While chanting, you need to mention your full names seven times. For example ” I command by the powerful of these ingredients, By this same time next year, i should have a car (repeat 7x) while mentionning your name seven times)

If you are trying to get rid of curse and bad spirits from your family, all you need to say is ( By ths power of these ingredients, I remove all the curses and negative energy from my family (Repeat 7x). Call your name 7 times after chanting thesse ppowerful words.

By using this egg, i will become more brigther, anyone seeing me, laughing me will be shame and start respecting me. those are the types things you can be proclaming while ligting these spell to the sky out of your house.


The best time is to do it anytime. There is no time required for it. You can do it any day and don’t do it infront of people.

After finishing chanting, take your bowl with the mixture and put it close to your bed. then say loudly i command all the nigative energy and bad vibes out of my room now.

You can keep this bowl for 7 days and them discard of the mixture. after 7 days you will see how your life will change.

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