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Mix salt and urine and see what happens next

Do you know that salt and urine are powerful spiritual ingredients ? In this article, i will showyou how you can use salt and urine toi boost your energy, stop spiritual attacks and receive the miracles of the universe.

Mix salt and urine and you will see how your life will improve and start seing good things happens to you. This is a secret no one will never tell you.

Ingredients needed.

  • You will need Urine. This is the urine of the day. Use your fresh urine and if you have anay infection, what till you have clear the the infection before using your urine.
  • You will need large grains seasalt or your regular kidchen salt if you dont have sea salt in your country or location
  • You will need a wallet, or a pocket or even a safe for money and make sure you have a small amout of money inside. I shoult not be empty for this ritual to work. Any small amout of money should be inside the wallet

This is all you need for the power spell to work wonders in your life . Now let proceed on how to do this ritual

How to do this ritual

Put your urine inside a glass, cup or bottle and keep it inside. Then you will take 7 large grains of sea salt, if you are using cooking salt, use 3 tea spoons of the salt and put it inside the urine your harvested earlier.

Once you put each grain of sea salt inside the urine, mention your name. Like after putting the 1 large grain of sea salt, Mention your name and say what you wish for i your life like Money, Job, Power, Marriage etc.

The next step is to open your vallet, take a piece of paper and write the amouth of money you wish for in your life and put inside the wallet. If you have your bank card, it will also be good to add it inside the wallet. Close the wallet and put it close to your urine and salt mixture.

Then place them both on a spot where the sun is rising. you can place it to the window, ontop of your zinc and say what you wish for. For example, i commant $100 000 dollars in my life this year, I commant my future husband to locate me, ETC.


I will recomment doing this in the night before doing to bed so that once you wake up in the moring, this ritual have work wonders all the night before harvesting the powers of the sun in the morning.

When you wake up in the morning, poor the urine outside your house, to a trea or to a flower that is doing well. Use small urine so that thes smell will not be strong enough after disposal.

This is the secret of using salt and urine. if you are on your period as a woman, you should not be doing this ritual. wait untill your period is finsh before trying this ritual. You should have faith and believe for this ritual to work for you.

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